Sunday 12 July 2015

The 2 in 1 touch of love for my baby

The experience of holding your baby in your arms is unique like no other experience. When your baby looks at you and smiles, that eye contact and the emotion of familiarity and trust makes your heart melt. The feel of your baby’s touch against your skin is one you have never experienced before as a parent. It is a gift of nature as pure and pristine as nature itself. Being a caring and protective parent the logical emotion that it kindles in us is to preserve and nourish the baby’s skin.
As the time passes we find subtle signs of growth in the baby’s body. The clothes begin to get smaller and  the hair tend to grow. As a caring parent I always want the best for my baby be it in terms of food or clothing. Providing nourishment to the baby is not just in terms of the food and milk intake but even the baby’s skin needs nourishment. As skin is the outer covering of the baby that provides both protection from external world but it is also a mirror of  the baby’s health. A healthy skin also makes the baby look and feel healthy. I have experienced that looking after the baby’s skin involves applying a moisturizing lotion or a cream. Another part of taking care of the body is to give it a gentle massage so that it would help the limbs grow healthy and strong. I as a parent am always concerned about the quality of products that I am going to use on my baby’s skin. Although there are a number of products in the market but on close scrutiny I find them to be containing artificial coloring, Parafinn’s  and Parabens. Using a new product on the delicate skin of the baby is always a big decision if you care for you child's well being. I am always on the lookout for baby care products that use pure, high quality natural ingredients. A friends of mine shared her experience and suggested that I should use the Dabur Baby Massage Oil for my baby.
On the outside I found it to be a very nicely packaged product. Even the outer packaging is such that my baby got attracted to it . The things that attracted me most is the fact that it contains no artificial coloring ,paraffin’s or parabens .
It has been made using premium oils like Almond oil and Natural and pure olive oil. The Almond oil moisturizes the skin and the olive oil provides the nourishment and helps make the baby get stronger. A single massage from head to toe massage provides the dual benefit of nourishing the skin with the goodness of olive oil and at the same time getting a moisturized ,soft and nice skin due to the goodness of the almond oil. I am happy with the results of the Dabur Baby Massage Oil . It is a product that makes both me and my baby happy.

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