Friday 3 July 2015

Regaining my lost glory

I was facing a lot of problems with my hair and when I looked at myself in the mirror I found my hair to be in quite a bad state. They looked damaged and bruised. Alarm bells rang for me and I came into a state of panic. Desperate for a solution to bring my hair back to its healthy state I made a search on the Internet. Then I came across a site called Reward Me. It is a site promoted by P&G.
It was here that I came across an article on hair care that was relevant to me and seemed like an answer to my query as to why my hair had come to this sorry state. The article is on how to fix damaged hair. The best part is that it speaks about the causes which lead to the hair being damaged and also how to fix the damage.
It gives reasons which cause the hair to be damaged like heat styling and manipulating.
It advises the use of a clarifying shampoo at least once a week especially if you are prone to using sprays, creams and gels. These things weigh your hair down and stop it from being bouncy and fresh. The use of a clarifying shampoo cleans your hair leaving it feeling light and fresh.
It advises you to avoid the heating tools such as curling irons and blow dryers which take away the moisture out of your hair. So we must give our hair a mini vacation from all these devices. You can put your hair into a fun top knot or tie it back with a fishtail braid.  Sleeping in a few braids overnight, you’ll find pretty, beach-inspired waves in your hair when you get up in the morning.
Go for a Deep Conditioning Treatment to bring back your hair in good health. One of the best ways to bring hair back to life is actually more product! A deep conditioning treatment will revitalize the hair besides cleaning our hair. Pantene Damage Detox Weekly Rehab Crème is suggested as the perfect product to help reduce protein loss, so our hair can stay strong against any damage. It removes the buildup from a chemically treated hair to bring back its natural shine.
It also advocates minimizing hair washing. Too-frequent washing can strip the hair of the essential oils and lead to chronic dryness. You will find that a sprinkle of Pantene Pro V Nourished Shine Shampoo will nourish your hair.
It also advises the use of a wide tooth comb and to handle damaged hair with care. Now I know that I must not use a rat tail comb or a brush when my hair is damp. Instead I must comb my hair gently with a wide tooth comb. Thanks to the tips now I am on my way to healthy strong hair bidding goodbye to damaged hair.
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