Tuesday 7 July 2015

Shake Your Legs

Taazgi Ka Dhamaka music video featuring Allu Arjun & Anushka Manchanda and it  is an amazing video.It is full of energy and masti. I just cannot stop loving it. The lyrics are energizing. The music and dance combo creates a magic. One cannot stop oneself  from dancing to its tune.The Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda jam refereshes mind, body and soul.Its rejuvenating, full of energy and masti. I feel like watching the video over and over again. Once I play the video I can't stop myself from tapping my feet. Its catchy, colorful and full of masti.

I have saved some dance steps which I particular like in the video.

This particular step can be used to freshen up everybody by me and my colleagues on a Monday morning when we are all are suffering from the Monday morning blues.On Monday mornings everyone is feeling tired and lack freshness and energy. Just like Colgate Max fresh the music of the video and the dance moves gives a blast of freshness and energy making any situation happy and cheerful.

When the boss gives a new assignment. I would enthusiastically offers to execute it.As with the Allu Arjun's Max fresh step I would be charged up. This step would even freshens up the stale ideas and would give new energy to begin a new project with renewed energy and spirit.

This step can be used to freshen up when the project is complete. The team is celebrating . Everyone is happy after doing hard work. Its party time for everyone. A happy ending to the hard work.

Playing music and dancing and taking dance breaks from the boring routine is a great way to boost the sagging spirits.Anyone can become dull due to the same old routine of work and no play. This step of playing musical instruments and dancing will help  break the daily boring pattern and monotony. It makes everyone happy and lively. Music and dancing naturally creates a good environment making everyone happy and full of energy. This also enhances the work performance.

This step is full of taazgi and energy. Dance and music is contagious. If one is happy and dancing and singing this automatically create a good healthy environment for others.Others get inspired to dance and sing. Hence creating and spreading more happiness and cheer.

This step is my favorite. Its catchy and full of happy vibes. This can freshen up  every moment of our lives. Life is short and we should enjoy every moment of it.We should live in present. Forget the past and do not worry about the future. Play music and dance to our hearts content. Be satisfied in present moment. Think positive. Be happy and keep everyone around happy and cheerful. This video teaches us this manta of life. So be Happy forever and break into a dance with this video .

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