Sunday 29 November 2015

Taking care of your little one's skin

New born’s  are a gift from God. They need a lot of care and attention. A baby's skin is very delicate and a dry skin is a common problem faced by them.
In winter the cold and dry weather and the use of heaters, deprive the baby's skin of its natural moisture. In the summer, the dry heat, exposure to the sun and the air conditioning makes the baby's skin dry. If the air is dry because of the heater or AC, leave a bowl of water in the room where the appliance is on. This will help as the water evaporates and moistens the air. Bathing dries your baby's skin as it removes the natural oils along with the dirt. Keep bubble baths and water play for special occasions only. Use warm, rather than hot water. a mild, pH-neutral cleanser which is much gentler on your baby's skin than regular soap.
If your baby has dry skin, try to give it an oil massage after the bath. Applying oil just after drying will help seal in the moisture of the bath and allow the skin to get hydrated. Make sure to use a light oil that gets absorbed well and apply only a thin layer of oil. If the oil does not get absorbed fully and your baby stays oily, the oil can lead to skin irritation, especially in hot and humid weather, when your baby is likely to sweat.
If baby has very dry skin, consider moisturizing twice a day or even after every nappy or diaper change. In winter, keep the baby well covered, including his hands. Hands tend to get ignored but they dry up fast so apply cream or moisturizer on his face and cheeks. Mix a few drops of almond oil in yoghurt and apply this mix on your baby's body. Let it rest for five minutes and gently rinse it off with lukewarm water. Yoghurt is believed to be an excellent cleanser and moisturizer.
Turn on the hot shower so that the bathroom steams up. Sit with the baby in the steamy bathroom. Steam will help moisturize your baby's skin and will keep his nasal passages clear. But do make sure that it's not so hot that your baby gets scalded. Also, make sure his clothes and hair are dry after sitting in the steam filled room.
If rashes or other skin conditions are making your baby irritable, try baby massage. Gently stroking and massaging baby's skin can not only help boost relaxation, but it may also lead to better sleep and reduce or stop crying. Best product to avoid diaper rash is Pampers
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