Sunday 7 October 2012


The other day i was chatting with one of my friends who is in Singapore and she popped up with a question about visiting India.She asked me when it is the best time to travel to India.I told her excitedly "Oh its the best time to come to India as it is Festival time" and she would be able to witness different shades of India's culture, food and colors.The weather has also improved.And she enthusiastically agreed.So while she is busy making the travelling arrangements.I am worried how I would be able to take her around in Delhi.

Delhi has already very congested roads and festival time means extra traffic and extra congestion and extra confusion. More parking problems.

Well but I prefer to be a good host rather than worry about these problems after all festivals bring more cheer and good spirits and its not a good time to waste my time worrying about insignificant problems( which is rather significant). But as it says its all in our mind.

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