Tuesday 2 October 2012


Last week I went with my family to watch OMG.And we loved it.I was not expecting such a great response and I was surprised to see the House Full sign.The hall was jam packed and from senior citizens to young kids were enthusiastically enjoying the movie. The first half of the movie was O.K but the second half was very interesting.

Apart from the movie another picture was running in the back row where we were sitting.Three young kids two girls and one boy who came late created lot of disturbance. Initially they shouted loudly chatting with each other saying "OMG how are we going to fit into the seats as they are very small" then one of the girls shouted "Mouse, Mouse" where is the manager call the manager right now.Then the boy behind me started pushing and kicking my seat.It was so annoying and disturbing.Then in the interval one of the girls declared that she is leaving for home.And the two again started shouting dont go how can you go alone.At last she went out and came back again after few minutes.And thank God they stopped their nautanki in the second half of the movie.I dont understand why people come to watch a movie if they are not interested in the movie.

Well coming back to the movie.everyone enjoyed the movie and it ended on a note People are God fearing and not God Loving.What do you think about it!!!

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