Tuesday 24 October 2017

My First Love

I love to travel, which is also my first love.I think I am a wanderer by nature.My family has rooted me to my home otherwise I would have been a nomadic.I love to explore new places,food and cultures.Countries are classified by boundaries.Visa obligations is another hindrance.Unlimited paperwork takes up most of the fun and time.

Sometimes I wonder if there is more to explore.

Before we explore the destination on earth I always like a small kid love to explore the cloud world. I always insist for window seat on my flights.Its my hobby to see the clouds for unlimited time while others sleep or watch movies or listen to music.Even on long haul flights I prefer to stay awake and see nature at its best.Some scenes are spell binding just magnificent.

Now thinking back to how this love for clouds started I remember when I was a little kid I was afraid to fly.But then my mother beautifully turned my fear to my passion.She showed me different formation of clouds and the colorful rays of light.These fascinated me and now I love to fly and excitedly wait to explore the new heights. No camera can capture the beauty of the nature.Its a feast for the eyes.

Unfortunately I don't have the pictures but in memory the beautiful sights of nature at its best is still fresh.It seems as if God himself is painting a canvas and experimenting with different colors and hues.Sometimes I felt may be I would be able to sight some magical land,fairies or some form of life in between the white feathery clouds.

I hope I get more such opportunities to experience the charisma of God.