Saturday 18 October 2014

Diwali My Best Time


Diwali is the most special time for me.The biggest festival in our family.This is the only festival when all of us, me, my parents,my cousins and extended family members get together however busy we may be.One is allowed to skip the birthday or anniversaries but Diwali time there are no excuses.It like a law in our family. We dont like laws but this is the best law in the whole world.Diwali is the time to have full masti and fun.Me and my cousins flaunt new clothes and jewellery.We start our preparation from Dusshera.First we start cleaning the house.Its the worse part I bet, but after the cleaning is done the results are excellent which motivates us and our spirits.The house gets a new look and new style every Diwali.The walls are painted.The curtains get changed.We all discuss together the color theme.Its a team Job and its fun too.Each and every thing is discussed among us from house paint color to jewellery and clothes.Choosing clothes is a very tricky situation as we cousins are very particular of having similar color theme of clothes.We cousins start raiding the markets for all the stuff.Buy dress material and then give our favourite style to our tailor.Then various home made beauty tips are discussed.We try new things and then share the result.My father prepares a long list of presents to be bought for Diwali for family and friends.We have a tradition of donating clothes,food and sweets to the needy so we buy presents for the children and visit different places to deliver to them.Its a great feeling and I am proud of my family who think about others happiness and needs.We prepare our own Diwali sweets and namkeens.We make besan ke ladoo,Gujiyas,Namak Pare,mathi and nariyal ki barfi for prasad.We are eco friendly so totally avoid crackers and use fresh flowers and rangoli to decorate our house.The flowers make our house look like a new bride.Then on Diwali Day we all wear new clothes.And in the evening we all together perform the puja and offer prasad to Maa Lakshmi.After satisfying our tummies with yummy prasad we all light earthen diyas and candles.The whole process is very special.We all get Diwali gifts and everyone opens his/her gift and its a delight to see each face as they lit up to see their favourite articles as the gift.I never understand how my father always knows what we all wanted as if he is a mind reader.Then we play games,sing and relive our old good memories.Diwali is indeed a very special festival.Its a celebration of Lord Rama coming back to home.But for us its a time of our family members coming back.Each moment spent together is very precious and divine.
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