Sunday 12 May 2013

Modern Day Healthcare is Touching Lives

Modern Healthcare touching the lives

  • Improved access to the healthcare to millions of people
    • Telemedicine is bridging the gaps and conquering many frontiers  including the rural hinterland of the country
    • Start ups like Medi help the patients to consult many international physicians at an affordable cost
    • Tele Radiology helps a remotely locate doctor to have a look at the X ray and diagnose
    • Companies such as HCG (Bangalore) follow system and processes which enable the dosage of cancer treatment X ray to be calibrated from a central place in Bangalore
  • Focus on the prevention rather than cure
    • People have started taking health seriously
    • Gyms / Zumba Classes
    • Spas
    • Yoga Centres
  • Eradication of diseases
    • Lots of potentially life crippling disorders have now been eradicated by the spread of modern medicine
      • Like Polio
      • Small pox
  • Increased Job opportunities
    • By improving the access to the healthcare services to the rural areas, modern healthcare has created many job opportunities in the rural areas of the country
  • Social Impact
    • Many diseases earlier considered taboo are now finding acceptance within the society
      • Like leprosy and Tuberculosis once considered to be an outcast, now they are being treated with compassion and care
  • Economic Impact
    • Modern healthcare has improved the productivity of an average Indian, there by aiding the economy of the country

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  1. However, the question is whether this is reaching those who are poor and in the rural areas.