Sunday, 3 January 2021

A Beautiful Offering In New Year

 We meet so many people in our lives.Some leave an impact and others come and go.One such lovely friend I met, not exactly met but communicated and I feel connected to her. We share same birthday date and our thoughts and feelings gel together. Anna Brijbala you are a wonderful person and a great friend. Yesterday she shared this beautiful offering for the new year - an invitation created by her daughter and son yesterday on New Year’s Day.

It reminds me of Sound of Music. Its impactful, refreshing and revitalizing. 

The bond between the brother and sister reminds me of my similar bond with my brother.

My brother is very creative and has love for animation and camera. He beleives in perfection and does not rest until he achieves the desired goal.

I wish Tara & her brother all the best.

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