Tuesday 15 March 2016

Growing Up Playing Holi

I grew up watching all those Bollywood songs where the hero and the Heroine would be draped in the whitest of whites and threw gulal in the air and at each other as they sang a Holi song .Yet even in my wildest dreams I could not fathom myself wearing those bleached whites and going to play Holi.
For me my old trusted pair of denims and T-shirt remained the trusted attire .
Another part of my growing up years used to be having to live with or better still to wear and seen in clothes that I completely detested . These would be clothes bought by a relative who thought I would look cute in a jumpsuit with a ugly bunny embroidered on the front side .
For a growing up 12 year year old,being seen in such an outrageous 2 to 3 size larger clothes that woulds ill fit me was no way even close to the definition of cute. As I figured out that Holi came as a great occasion to redeem my self from the shame and embarrassment of having to wear such ill fitting and outrageous clothes . This was the time when the whole nation was drooling over rang barse bhige chunariye rang barse.Yet every time I got these detest worthy set of clothes that I was made to wear I invariably got inspired by none other then Gabbar and I would menacingly ask “Holi Kab Hai?, Kab Hai Holi” So everyone in my household began to think that Holi is my favorite festival that I ask about it at least 20 times a year. Little did they know that it was my way of getting rid of those clothes that I never would wear on normal days .However who said Holi is a normal day. This was the only day when I would wear these clothes that I wanted to get rid of and play with colors to my hearts content . Returning home with such discolored clothes my mother had no option but to throw them away. However I must confess that somewhere down the line the hatred for these clothes got drowned in loads of fun I had playing Holi with my friends.Slowly but surely it became the most awaited festival for me and my friends. Slowly most of my friends moved out and this celebration of Holi got discontinued. This year we are going to have a reunion Holi party of sorts where we would play with some dry colors as we have become conscious and aware of the fact that we should not waste water.
Then we would collectively organize a party in our lawn where we would have an open air kitchen.I see that there are quite a few senior citizens in our colony who rely on their domestic helps/cooks for cooking their meals however on the day of Holi the help /cooks do not come so we would have them come over for meals and together we would once again #KhulKeKheloHoli

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

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